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Our Dental Technology

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Santa Clara Oral Surgery & Dental Implants we use state-of-the-art technology paired with expert skills to perform all of our procedures with precision. To find out more about our specialized care, call 408-248-9597 or contact us for a consultation.

What is Dental Technology?

Just as technology and recent advancements have changed medical care, the same is true for oral surgery and dental care. Cutting-edge developments in computer software, digital imaging, technological equipment and other enhancements have revolutionized dentistry, making treatment now more comfortable, efficient and successful than ever before.

Benefits of Technology in Dentistry

Putting technology to work in oral surgery and dentistry provides many benefits: 

  • More accurate diagnostics. Technology allows us to diagnose dental and oral health concerns in the earliest stages so that we can more effectively, accurately and expeditiously begin treatment. 
  • Enhanced safety. Technology boosts safety for patients and our team alike, allowing us to perform procedures more accurately and precisely with predictable outcomes and a lower risk of complications. Our office is also able to employ technology to better plan, visualize and map out procedures before the work even begins. 
  • More comfortable experience. Technology available through modern dental practices increases the efficiency and comfort of procedures, making it easier and less painful for you to keep your mouth healthy and beautiful.
  • Faster recovery. Technology allows for our skilled practitioners to conduct procedures in a less invasive fashion, which leads to less discomfort and faster recovery for patients.

Forms of Technology We Provide

Some of the technologies we use at Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants include:

Intraoral scanning. Thanks to intraoral scanning, getting impressions done is no longer a messy and uncomfortable process. Within a matter of seconds – and without the need for trays full of the thick, goopy impression material – the scanner captures the necessary images of your bite that can then be immediately analyzed on a computer screen. Not only is it a faster and more pleasant experience, but these digital impressions are more precise than those taken with traditional methods as there is less room for error.

Cone beam technology. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems are used to create 3D images of the teeth, jaw, sinuses and skull structure. These images are captured within seconds, using a cone-shaped beam that exposes patients to far less radiation than with traditional X-ray use. This technology helps us to diagnose oral health issues and formulate appropriate treatment plans.

Fully guided implant placement. We employ advanced machinery and imaging technology in dental implant procedures. After we scan the area, a 3D model is created that acts as a precise roadmap in planning the implant procedure. This high-tech approach results in implants that are placed more efficiently and guided into place for precise placement in the mouth.

3D printing. While you may have heard of 3D printing, you may not realize it is now a popular form of technology that’s also being put to use in modern dentistry. Crowns, bridges, implant surgical guides, retainers, bonding trays, models and more can all be manufactured right from within your dentist’s office. Advantages include: enhanced convenience and comfort as the implements can be crafted without you even having to leave the dental chair; increased speed since they can be produced on-site without need for being sent out to a lab and the lengthy delays that can sometimes come along with that; and elevated accuracy because of the highly precise digital scans used to manufacture implements that are completely customized to your mouth.

Why Choose Santa Clara Oral Surgery & Dental Implants?

At Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we are a leader in digital dentistry. Our modern approach employs highly advanced technology and techniques to diagnose and treat your oral health issues more effectively while enhancing comfort and convenience for you. When we say we do dental differently, we mean it.

Dental Technology FAQs

What is digital dentistry?
Digital dentistry is the term that’s used to refer to the use of advanced technology such as equipment, software and devices that aid dentists and oral surgeons in the planning, preparation and execution of dental procedures and treatments.
Why is digital dentistry important to me as a patient?
Thanks to digital dentistry, patients are now able to receive treatment and undergo procedures with less discomfort, increased predictability, and better outcomes. In certain instances, our use of technology can even lead to faster recovery times and fewer potential complications. And more importantly, we believe the benefits of modern technologies create a more enjoyable experience for you, our patient.
Are X-rays safe?
Because of the radiation that’s used to create X-rays, many patients are leery of having them taken. In our practice, we use digital X-rays because this technology uses only a fraction of the radiation that would otherwise be required to create traditional film images. With studies reporting minimal to no negative effects of using digital X-rays, this can offer confidence in knowing it's a safe choice.
I’m not very tech savvy…do I need to understand all the technology you use?
Rest assured, there’s no need to be intimidated by the advanced technology and techniques we use. One of the benefits of our modern approach is that it can make understanding your own dental diagnosis and treatment less complicated. When you can see scans immediately or react to a 3D printed model right then and there in the office, understanding our assessments and recommended procedures becomes much easier. Ultimately, we have embraced technology and the skills needed to use it so those advancements can translate directly into providing the best possible care for our patients.

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