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Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma

If you’ve suffered facial or dental trauma, at Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants we use state-of-the-art technology paired with expert skills to provide the appropriate treatment for this delicate situation. Find out more about our specialized care by contacting us for a consultation.

What is Facial or Dental Trauma?

Facial trauma is defined as any injury to the face, including facial bones, jawbones, and teeth. Examples of injuries of this nature include facial or intraoral lacerations; knocked-out (avulsed) teeth; fractured facial bones such as the cheek, nose or eye socket; and upper and lower jaw fractures.

The possible causes of facial trauma can be as wide and varied as they are complex and sensitive. Motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, interpersonal violence and work-related injuries can all be causes for facial trauma.

While each injury and every patient are unique, our doctors at Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants are expertly trained, artfully skilled and highly qualified to manage and treat facial trauma. In addition to providing care in our offices, they are also on staff at local hospitals and cover emergency room procedures for facial injuries as well. If you've experienced a traumatic injury, the first step on the path to healing is to seek emergency treatment.

Types of Facial and Dental Trauma We Treat

Facial injuries can vary from injuries that affect the teeth to severe injuries impacting the skin and bones of the face, but they are usually classified into one of the three categories listed here. At Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we treat:

  • Soft tissue injuries. These are injuries such as lacerations that occur to the skin and gums, and they are often repaired with stitches. Our doctors take care to not only deliver the best cosmetic repair possible, but also to ensure that any injuries to other areas of the face are discovered and properly addressed.
  • Bone injuries or fractures. Treatment for injuries of this sort depend on the location of the injury or fracture, the severity of the fracture and the age and overall health of the patient. stabilize facial fractures. Sometimes the approach calls for wiring the jaws together or the alternative technique called “rigid fixation” wherein the fracture is stabilized through the surgical placement of small plates and screws. Whichever procedure is pursued, our team carefully proceeds with the goal of minimally affecting the patient’s facial appearance and disguising any resulting scars.
  • Injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures. This type of facial trauma includes special regions such as the eyes, facial nerves, or the salivary glands, and well as the teeth. Injuries to teeth are quite common and may involve treatment from various dental specialists. Oral surgeons typically address fractures in the supporting bone, or in replanting teeth if they have been displaced or knocked out. Other dental specialists may be needed as well, such as an endodontist to perform root canal therapy, or a restorative dentist to repair or rebuild fractured teeth.

Steps to Take if You’ve Suffered from Facial or Dental Trauma

For facial trauma, these injuries should be treated with urgency. Seek medical attention at an emergency room or urgent care facility as soon as you are safely able to do so.

For trauma injuries involving the teeth, contact an endodontist immediately. If your tooth has been completely knocked out, pick it up by the crown and attempt to put it back in the socket, holding it in place with a piece of sterile gauze. Alternatively, try holding the tooth between your cheek and gums until you reach the office. However, if the tooth has fallen to the ground, it should be placed in a small container of salt water or milk for the doctor to attempt reinsertion into the dental socket as soon as possible. Never attempt to wipe the tooth off, as remnants of the ligament that hold the tooth in the jaw are attached and are critical to the success of replanting the tooth. Seek care from an endodontist immediately for the best possible chance at preserving your natural tooth.

Why Choose Santa Clara Oral Surgery & Dental Implants?

Facial injuries must be treated with both physical and emotional care, due to the trauma that can be involved with sustaining injuries to this area. At Santa Clara Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our team has extensive experience in providing the healing and nurturing care needed for emergency care, acute treatment and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation for facial injuries.

FAQs About Dental Trauma Treatment

If I have to have surgery to repair facial trauma, will you be able to see the scar?
There are many techniques and advances available today for surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures while at the same time optimizing facial appearance outcomes. As an example, an incision may be made at the base of the jaw just behind the ear in order to disguise the resulting scar.
Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?
When a tooth is broken, it is considered a dental emergency. If the break isn’t causing you pain, it may be possible to bond the broken piece back onto the tooth. If there is pain or severe damage, more extensive treatment such as a root canal may be needed.
Should I go to the ER for a knocked-out tooth?
If there is significant bleeding or you think the jaw may be broken, you should go to the emergency room immediately. For any trauma to the rest of the face, you should also go directly to the ER. If you think the trauma is limited to the mouth and teeth, you may be able to seek emergency treatment from our office or your endodontist.
Does insurance cover facial or dental trauma?
Each case and each insurance policy vary greatly, but depending on the cause of the injury, you may be covered by either your dental insurance or your auto insurance. For example, facial or dental trauma caused by a car accident may be covered by either policy.

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